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Chef Stacy believes that cooking from scratch and using the best ingredients are the secrets to preparing delicious and memorable meals. She has created dozens of classes for the home chef and teaches students how to master culinary techniques and recipes in just one session. Read on to see what she's dishing up for The Oakland Press today....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tricks of the Trade - Kitchen Safety

There is a little known secret that chef’s use when chopping up all of their various mise en place. In order to ensure proper safety and avoid slip sliding all over the counter top, chefs often use a clean, wet kitchen towel underneath their cutting boards. This keeps the cutting board firmly in place, making it easier to slice, dice, chop, and julienne, all without the unnecessary risk of cutting oneself. In professional kitchens, chefs of ten use large polyethylene cutting boards, not glass. It is especially important to avoid cutting boards made of glass, as they will ruin high-quality knives. Always be sure to use a sanitized cutting board, and remember to change cutting boards (or treat the cutting board with a sanitizing solution of bleach and water. Certain types of Clorox Wipes also work well) when butchering raw meats and seafood, in combination with other foods. This is to avoid the outbreak of food borne illness, such as salmonella poisoning. Finally, remember to always keep your kitchen knives sharp. It is essential to maintain a sharp edge on cutlery. Dull knives are actually more dangerous than sharp ones. If your knife is in need of sharpening, invest in a small sharpening stone (about $14) from a restaurant supply company like Restaurant Depot or GFS and some mineral oil so you can sharpen your knives at home.

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